What is CRO? – A beginner’s guide

By | February 7, 2017

What is CRO? - A beginner’s guide

A website can be referred to as one of the key points that determine the success of a business. It is here visitors get a peek into the components of the business and it is here that they decide if they want to buy the services or the products offered by the website. That is the reason, a business should always try different means to upgrade and improve their website. One such tool is Conversion Rate Optimization or abbreviated as CRO.

So, what is CRO? Conversion Rate Optimization aims to find the loopholes in the functioning of your website and then trying to fix it. This is what makes CRO one of the most effective ways to improve a website and maximize sales.

Conversion and Conversion Rates:


The basic conversion is referred to those users who have been converted into a sale. That means, she has visited your site, registered with your site using her email id and then made a purchase. What is CRO? Conversion rate is finding out how may were actual sales compared to the total number of visitors to your site. Say, if 100 people visited your site and 10 people became your customers, then the conversion rate is 10%.

Bounce Rate: This is also one of the important tools of Conversion Rate Optimization as it helps to find out who left the website just after visiting the first page or who spend minimum amount of time on your site. If the bounce rate is higher, then it means you need to make certain changes on your site such as changing the location of CTA tools or any other changes.

Exit Rate: This is the tool to find the users who have left the website on some pages. If more people decide to exit the site on a particular page, then it is clear that there are some problems with the page and that it needs to be changed.